McFarren Aviles & Associates provide responsive coaching, facilitate engaging workshops to empower early childhood educators and assess teachers and programs for continuous improvement.

We inspire learning and lasting positive change in your early childhood program with our bilingual services.

As a catalyst of lasting change and fostering the professional development of the early childhood workforce, we establish trusting relationships, respect diversity, and build on strengths of those with whom we work.

The excitement of learning, taking time to appreciate the uniqueness of individuals, and embracing change as a way to move forward are fundamental elements of our work.

Responsive and Engaging Workshop
Responsive and Engaging Workshop
Increase the knowledge and skills of bilingual early childhood educators through state of the art interactive workshops that promote life-long learning and respond to educators’ unique needs and setting.

Continuous Quality Assessment and Participatory Research

Continuous Quality Assessment and Participatory Research
Conduct assessment on teacher-child interaction, program quality, and participatory research aimed at empowering early childhood stakeholders with meaningful data for classroom and program wide quality enhancement.
Strength Based Coaching
Strength Based Coaching
Foster competency of early childhood educators, especially those who speak Spanish, through reflective and responsive coaching that builds on their strengths and leads to sustainable change.

"When you hold an infant, hold him not just with your body,

but with your mind and heart."

― Magda Gerber

Connect with us to explore how we can inspire learning and lasting positive change for your early childhood program, using our bilingual services...

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Always a Pleasure!

Working with Jill is always a pleasure! Whatever type of professional development we need, Jill has met with us and personalized the work. Our staff learn so much from her extensive expertise and they really connect to her as a trainer. As we know, relationships are key to learning!

Susan Goettl, Early Childhood/Disabilities Administrator

Skillful Guidance and Expertise

“As a highly skilled ECD professional Jill McFarren Aviles is committed to ensuring that young children are cared for nurtured and learning. Her skillful guidance and expertise on our international projects has been greatly appreciated” .

Diane Whitehead, Executive Director