McFarren Aviles & Associates, LLC, brings to the table over 41 years of extensive experience providing customized training and technical assistance to early care and education staff, parents, and government and non-governmental organizations in the United States, Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East.

We specialize in designing, piloting, and evaluating infant/toddler programs, curriculum development, and participatory research, particularly for the Latino community.

We draw from our experience working with diverse national and international organizations, including Fairfax County Office for Children, VA; Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE), D.C.; Head Start/Early Head Start programs; Save the Children; UNICEF; and Plan International.

The following principles guide our work:

Build relationships as the foundation

Change happens within a context of positive relationships. Understanding different points of view and perceptions, getting to know each other, building trust and respect are key ingredients to our relationship-based approach.

Infuse inquiry and research practices

Through a reflective/questioning process, we work with our clients to build an understanding of the purpose and relevance of what they are doing, which leads to the intentionality of these actions. The reflective nature of our works also enables our clients to step back, observe, question, and identify the underlying causes and issues that need to be addressed.

Be and share a passion for the transformative growth and development of very young children.

The first three years of life lay the foundation that contributes to the architecture of who the person is and will become. Sharing the wonder and the criticalness of this age group is paramount to our work.

Be responsive and develop a customized approach with each of our clients.

We engage early childhood leaders in a reflective process to identify their current status, short and long term goals and lay out a joint planning process. Building on participant’s strengths and fostering respectful relationships is an integral ingredient of identifying content and strategies that best meet our clients’ needs.  Because the reflection process starts with identifying the client’s assets and goals, it is a meaningful and sustainable approach.

We offer customized services in the following areas, either on their own or as part of a comprehensive package.