How ironic, now that I am feeling professionally fulfilled and am working with amazing people, I am making sure that I take time to reenergize and find myself on a mini vacation, surrounded by natural beauty. It is both energizing and relaxing. In the past, when I was really stressed and feeling exhausted from not getting anywhere at work why didn’t I make time to take these vacations? That’s when I really needed that boost!!

That does not mean that I am not enjoying to the max this mini getaway. On the contrary, it is completely what I needed! To sit outside in the early morning and hear the birds chirp away as they fly from tree to tree finding the best seeds, and being very productive- mirroring how I’m feeling these days. I wonder if I would have truly enjoyed it when I myself was feeling so drained! Or would I have found their flurry of activity to be draining!

Why do we do that to ourselves?

We work nonstop to the point that we can’t get away and get energized, and it seems that we have to be relaxed and enjoy what we do in order to prioritize getting away. It just seems to be counterintuitive! There needs to be a way to make sure that weekend getaways, or just stopping long enough to enjoy the simple things in life, becomes everyone’s priority – especially to break the cyclical process of exhaustion!