What did I want to be when I grew up – and how I’ve come to make it happen!

I began my passion and understanding of children as a teenager working with a child who had been severely burned. She taught me how precious life can be and how our outlook can make a huge difference in our wellbeing. I remember how much I enjoyed listening to her songs, her story, and by getting to know her I felt that I could connect in a meaningful way.

The emphasis on listening to a person’s story, building knowledge together and, creating connections has been a constant throughout my career.

There were times that theses connections did not happen, were the message was misinterpreted, or misconstrued. These hiccups in my journey, although tension producing at the time, brought about greater clarity of who I was and what I valued. People who assumed that I didn’t understand a particular culture because I looked different from them, strengthened my conviction that we need to go beyond the color of our skin to work together.

My own experience as someone who is white but Latina in my heart knows this very well. In Latin America, I feel more connected even though I am fair skinned. However, in the States, even though my appearance is similar to many, my thoughts and feelings are not.

Over the past 36 years I have had the privilege of working with very young children, and significant adults in their lives, who have taught me to see things as if I had never seen them before. To look at things from their perspective, and to not take for granted the little things in life. Today, as an independent consultant, who can somewhat choose with whom to work with, I chose to work with people who understand that a young child’s life is precious, and who strive to get past our differences to focus on what really matters!!

What drives you, what is your passion, your journey? where does it come from? What have learned from it? I would love to hear your story!