McFarren Aviles & Associates offers a Strength-Based Coaching Framework – SBCF to our clients.

Our coaching services build the self-confidence, ownership, and empowerment of early childhood educators and consist of an evolving cycle that leads to sustainable quality improvement and ultimately positive child outcomes.

Through an iterative coaching process, we accomplish the following:

  • Build relationships and identify strengths
  • Observe/assess to understand and identify strengths, and status of quality
  • Establish mutually agreeable meaningful short and long-term goal(s) based on initial assessment
  • Design a customized plan to accomplish goals
  • Mentor, model, and share information based on mutually defined plan
  • Co-monitor with coachee and document ongoing progress
  • Reflect on progress, reassess goals/strategies and adjust initial plans together

All coaching sessions begin with, and continue throughout the phases of change, building a partnership and trusting relationships with each of the coachees.  The interactions, mirrors the responsive, scaffolding nature of their work with the children, specifically responding to their interest and goals while focusing on strengths as opposed to their deficiencies.

Ongoing monitoring is built into the coaching sessions to identify the degree to which the goals have been accomplished and/or need adjustments.  A variety of tools are used to assess, guide, and monitor progress, including Environmental Rating Scales (ERS), the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) as well as customer-defined tools.

McFarren Aviles & Associates, LLC offers customized services that achieve sustainable positive change in practices and increases program quality.  Each of the following offerings can either be provided as a stand-alone service or combined to form a comprehensive package.

  • Responsive and Engaging Workshop
  • Strength-based coaching
  • Continuous Quality assessment and Participatory Research

If you are ready to foster positive sustainable change in early childhood staff through our Strength-Based Coaching framework we would love to hear from you.

To start the conversation please visit our contact page and fill in the details.