Guiding Principles

Infants and young children are at a fascinating age of tremendous growth and development; their brains are developing faster than at any other period of time. They are born to learn and establish relationships.

As they are dependent on adults for their overall well-being, and the foundation for life-long learning, young children need early childhood professionals that are excited about getting to know each child’s gifts. They need adults who respond to their cues, and who themselves feel valued for their tremendous role as architects of who the child can become.

The early childhood workforce, whether they work directly with children, manage a program, or set policies, require ongoing professional development support to build quality programs.

The following guiding principles fuel our work and mirror the interactions we promote for a high-quality early childhood program:

A trusting, respectful relationship is the foundation of all meaningful interaction.

Change happens within the context of a positive, trusting, and respectful relationship.  We engage with our clients in an ongoing conversation that models the interactions that promote a positive relationship with children and families.

Focusing on people’s strength catapults lasting change

By focusing on the strengths of early childhood professionals, we foster self-esteem and maximize the skills and experience that they bring to the table.  Change and the excitement of learning are embraced as a way of moving forward and mitigating stagnation.

A process of inquiry and intentional responsiveness leads to meaningful change.

Through a reflective process, we work with our clients to build an understanding of the purpose and relevance of what they are doing, which leads to the intentionality of their actions.  The reflective nature of our works enables our clients to step back, observe, reflect upon, and identify the most effective strategies needed for them to build a quality program.

Passion and expertise create the synergy needed to ensure sustainable transformation.

Our combined passion for early childhood development and extensive expertise promotes leadership and an inner drive in our clients that lead to inspirational sustainable, meaningful outcomes.

Investment in ongoing professional development linked to practice leads to a strong workforce.

Continuous professional development opportunities, and not isolated training sessions, ensure that early childhood professionals have the self-confidence, skills, and knowledge that are required to take on leadership and mentoring roles. Knowledge, competencies, and disposition are elements of a skilled professional.

Infant/toddler programs are the foundation of the next generation.

Who the person is and will become, whether it is a child or an early childhood professional, is dependent on the support and opportunities they receive early in their formation.  Our extensive expertise in understanding the holistic nature of human development, and appreciation and urgency of the birth to three-year-old age group and adult learning theory is paramount to our work.

Integration across the life-stages and gender-based approach break the poverty cycle.

Our gender-transformative practices and expertise working across different life stages from early childhood to adult literacy are fundamental to addressing the systemic issues associated with poverty, including economic, educational, health, and sustainable development.

We offer:

McFarren Aviles & Associates, LLC, offers customized services that achieve sustainable positive change in practices and increases program quality.  Each of the following offerings can either be provided as a stand-alone service or combined to form a comprehensive package.

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